Cincy Sharp
Cincy Sharp
CALL CHRIS 513-240-8130 talk or Text

Call Chris 513-240-8130 Talk or Text

How to Get Sharp

Call Chris 513-240-8130 Talk or Text

Drop Off in Anderson at 831 Sunderland dr 45255 or in NKY 

Water Stone Sharpening

We use minimally invasive techniques to remove just enough metal to raise a new Edge 

All Knife Types Repair and Restore

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Discounts for multiple knives and Food Service employees

Drop Off

Call Chris 513-240-8130

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Japanese and Western styles

Single bevel, bevel conversion , thinning , Repair 

Serrated Knives and Culinary Shears

Hunting Knives Fixed Blades and Folders 

Mail In Service

Mail In Details

 Please text / call /email me before you send. Shipping times will determine turn around (1 or 2 days in shop)
Please pack in a fold of cardboard, in an edge protector or in original box, No metal on metal contact please, plenty of packing material , packed tightly in outer box , do not write knives or sharp objects on outer box as this just causes problems.
Ship to
Chris Weist
831 Sunderland Dr
Cincinnati Ohio 45255   OR
FEDEX 'Hold It":
Chris Weist
7721 Beechmont ave (Fedex location)
Cincinnati Ohio 45255
Please include my phone number 513-240-8130
the above is for Fedex only

Shipper is responsible for all shipping and insurance and should have items signed for delivery
(signature not necc. for Fedex “Hold it” location as this is a business)  

Please pack Carefully 

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Drop off or Mail in available

PLease Contact Chriss at 513-240-8130

Cincy Sharp

831 sunderland dr, cincinnati, OH 45255, us



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